Terra Natural Stones


Terra natural stone series of Schöner Wohnen is selected by specialist from the most beautiful deposits of Marble and Travertine in Anatolia. Stones are shaped by totally ecological means to ensure the purity of the material and bring your living environments an ecologically green product that supports your health and wellbeing.

Many building materials that are used in construction have to be produced in more or less complex processes. This consumes energy and releases emissions. The extraction and processing of natural stone, however, is environmentally friendly

Moreover, Marble and Travertine are chemically organic minerals that are prone to positive energy, which you can feel as you touch it. Being in this environment will relieve you of your daily stress. And Terra series is uniquely treated without any epoxy and completely free of any substances that can be harmful to humans and animals.

Terra series with its more than twenty different colours, unique and individual patterns that only nature can provide is the perfect way of bringing luxury to your life.

Feel the difference…